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About Heather


"When you look through the viewfinder, and the world falls away, you are left with your subject, in all their truth and beauty.  Through the lens you focus on the eyes and can't help but start to feel you know your subject in a deeper way.  I love photography because I get to know people in a way I would never know otherwise."

Heather has been photographing people and events professionally for over seventeen years. She studied documentary photography at a master's level at the Salt Institute for Documentary Studies in Portland, Maine.

Heather has always enjoyed documenting the details of life and the beauty that light plays on those details.

How an infant wraps her tiny fingers around her daddy's finger; a child's eyes reflecting the world he sees; the fabric detail of the wedding dress a bride has carefully selected. It is these small details that make life special and worth capturing.

No matter what job Heather performs, she is happiest when she is working with people...teaching them new things, making them smile, and bringing out the best in them! When she is not behind the camera, Heather can be found exploring and pursuing new life adventures, spending time with her family, playing the ukulele, or quietly sitting to reflect and recharge.